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Classical and modern music, Balkan music, Argentine tango or minimalist techno

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Check Accordion Trio

The Check Accordion Trio was formed in 2017. It consists of Markéta Laštovičková, Marie Čejnová and Michal Karban. Each member of the trio has extensive experience in attending and performing in competitions in the United States, Russia and across Europe. In fact, the three musicians met each other while participating in these competitions.

Their playing style breaks down the boundaries between different genres of music – from classical and cinematic music to techno and pop. The Check Accordion Trio has no limits when it comes to performing live, and you can look forward to listening not only to the accordion when they perform, but also to other instruments as well.
They have been playing together since September 2017, when Markéta and Marie began studying at the Danish National Academy of Music in Odense where Michal was already in his second year of the undergraduate program. The trio members study classical accordion under the tutelage of professor Jytte von Rüden.
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Check Accordion Trio
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1 month ago

🇨🇿 Krásny apríl! 😀My jsme z tý situace už úplně na větvi... 🤦‍♀️ 😀🇺🇸 Happy April Fool's Day! 😀We're so bored in lockdown that we are sawing off the branch on which we are sitting... 🤦‍♀️ 😀 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

🇨🇿 Astor Piazzolla by dnes oslavil sté narozeniny. Děkujeme za všechny jeho krásné skladby. 🖤Poslechněte si naši úpravu jeho asi nejslavnější kompozice a pokud budete chtít, napište nám o noty, které Vám rádi pošleme, aby se skladby Astora Piazzolly hrály ještě alespoň dalších sto let! 🎶🇺🇸 Today Astor Piazzolla would celebrate his 100th birthday. Thank you very much for your great composititions, maestro! 🎶 ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

🇨🇿 V těchto dnech jsme měli mít naše malé turné po českých městech. Bohužel všechny koncerty jsou zrušené. O to více se na Vás ale těšíme v létě na Kutnohorský týden akordeonu, který pěvně věříme, že se uskuteční. Přejeme všem hlavně zdraví a doufáme, že se v létě setkáme! 🙂 🎶🇺🇸 Sadly, due to the Coronavirus crisis, our small Czech tour has been canceled. We hope we would be allowed to welcome you in Kutná Hora. Stay positive and healthy. 🎶 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

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Check Accordion Trio

Accordion concerts

Check Accordion Trio mainly focuses on classical music, but in the repertoire we can also find modern accordion literature, Balkan music, Argentine tango or minimalist compositions in techno style.

Educational concerts for children

The Check Accordion Trio does not only specialize in concerts. The trio offers many other interesting projects, such as concerts for the youngest audience in kindergartens and elementary schools.

Musical courses for children and music teachers

Each member had a different journey starting from the music school, leading up to the National Music Academy in Denmark. They also have extensive experience with different kinds of musical projects.
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Check Accordion Trio

The core value of trio: Markéta Laštovičková, Marie Čejnová and Michal Karban, is to showcase the accordion and its abilities in as many forms, variations and music genres as possible.

Markétka Laštovičková

"Playing with our trio gives me an opportunity to unwind and relax in the hectic world that I live in. Being a part of this trio also allows me to spend time with people I care about."

Marie Čejnová

“Thanks to the fact that I am a part of our trio I gained a great number of musical skills. I became better at being a part of a team, and I have definitely become more selfless. They support me, inspire me and I'm very grateful to have them.”

Michal Karban

“Playing in the Check Accordion Trio means that I can share my experience with someone. We share joy, music, as well as concerts that I can share with friends that make me feel comfortable. Our trio gives me opportunities to play non-traditional music for various audiences and I’m able to showcase the variations our instrument has to offer.”

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Check Accordion Trio

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