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Markétka Laštovičková

Markétka Laštovičková is a well-known persona in the accordion world. Not only is she a very talented musician but she is starting to get recognized as an author and composer. Markéta composed the first original composition of the Check Accordion Trio, ‘Simply happy.’

Markéta is the laureate of many national and international competitions ranging from Russia, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, etc. It is worthy of mentioning that she had her own recital at the prestigious international music festival – Prague Spring, 2018.

With Marie and Michal’s help, she published her first collection of compositions called ‘Simply Happy’, which contains compositions ranging in different levels of difficulty, dedicated to small children all the way up to elder accordion students.

What does Markéta say about playing in a trio?

“Playing with our trio gives me an opportunity to unwind and relax in the hectic world that I live in. Being a part of this trio also allows me to spend time with people I care about.”

Marie Čejnová

Marie Čejnová has two big passions. One of them being music and the other being traveling. Times that she was able to marry the two together resulted in experiences such as being able to play music for children in India.  

She is an alumnus of many national and international competitions ranging from the US, South Korea, Germany, and more. She was awarded the Plzeňský Orfeus award by the city of Pilsen for honorably representing the city. This award also gave her the opportunity to play a selection from Trojan’s Tales with the Pilsner Philharmony.

Why does she enjoy being a part of the trio?

“Thanks to the fact that I am a part of our trio I gained a great number of musical skills. I became better at being a part of a team, and I have definitely become more selfless. They support me, inspire me and I’m very grateful to have them. ”

Michal Karban

Michal Karban is strongly tied to the accordion brand Pigini, as he is the exclusive distributor for the brand in the Czech Republic. Among other things, he participated in Czechoslovakia Got Talent as well as placed first (along with Marie) in an accordion competition in Seattle, US.

Why does he enjoy being a part of the trio?

“Playing in the Check Accordion Trio means that I can share my experience with someone. We share joy, music, as well as concerts that I can share with friends that make me feel comfortable. Our trio gives me opportunities to play non-traditional music for various audiences and I’m able to showcase the variations our instrument has to offer.”

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